AG & GPD withholding documents in Red Jeep trial

Defense attorney David Lujan and prosecutor Grant Olan argued before Judge Alberto Tolentino today about the disciplinary records of the police officers involved in the infamous Red Jeep – Jerry’s Kitchen scandal.

According to Mr. Lujan, the Office of the Attorney General and the Guam Police Department have failed to produce these records, which he believes could impeach the credibility of the officers involved in the case. The case is about Lujan’s client, Nakita Aguon, but has quickly turned into a public trial exposing police corruption.

Here are excerpts of the arguments presented before Judge Tolentino and outside the presence of the jury in the case:


  • Alan San Nicolas

      11/26/2022 at 7:58 AM

    Yanggen ha settifika (aprueba) si abugao Lujan na guaha na’atborutáo gi ofisina I policia yan I abugao fiskat pues hafa mas siña ma chogue.

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