AOLG parents afraid for their daughters after student posts threatening messages involving shooting and killing

An Academy of Our Lady of Guam student allegedly posted on social media her hatred of the school, and her prayer for a school shooter earlier this week. The Archdiocese of Agana, responding to the incident for AOLG, said the school “has taken steps to address the situation and ensure the safety of our students and the school community.”

But according to several parents, no one in the school administration is providing any such assurances, and the student who allegedly posted the threats has been allowed to return to the classroom.

“A bunch of us are not sending our daughters back there until we know it’s safe,” one of the students’s mothers told Kandit.

Messages from the student’s Instagram account began circulating Tuesday. The first read, “I wanna fuckin k*** all of them rn.” The next message read, “Really praying for a school sh**yer rn.”

Several stateside school shootings were preceded by social media posts by the student shooter, a fact that has created anxiety among AOLG parents since seeing the IG posts from the Academy student’s account.

“Academy of Our Lady of Guam acknowledges that there have been social media posts circulating that involve our school,” a statement from the Archdiocese reads. “We assure everyone that the school administration has taken steps to address the situation and ensure the safety of our students and the school community.”

But according to parents, there is a disconnect between what the Archdiocese is saying, and what’s actually going on.

“There were only four students in one class [Wednesday],” one of the parents said of the school’s mishandling of the situation that led several parents to pull their daughters from school.

The Archdiocese, however, believes it has taken the necessary steps to assure safety.

“Academy of Our Lady has consulted with professionals regarding the situation and it is being handled appropriately,” the statement from the Archdiocese reads.

Neither the Archdiocese nor the school provided any further information. At this time and while Archbishop Michael Byrnes is dealing with medical issues off island, the archdiocese is being run by its vicar general, Father Romeo Convocar.

“They haven’t put out anything formally to parents,” another parent, said. “They haven’t sent any email or letter that they’re aware and this is being taken seriously. Nothing.”


  • This girl must have been bullied, teased and/or singled out not to socialize with. Classmates can be so cruel and this girl was probably venting. Not the best way to do it though.

  • Alan San Nicolas

      01/20/2023 at 6:15 AM

    Hamyu ni mañaina basta ma kontra I eskuela espiha ya enfan man ayuda. Sigurid’at fin’ene’na para todu. Malak manu I hinenge miyu ? MAOLEK NA OGGA’AN AFAÑELOS

  • Anna Maria I. Delgado

      01/20/2023 at 3:03 PM

    Why was the student allowed to return to school? If the administration knows that she is guilty, they should suspend her until further notice. What has happened to my alma mater?

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