Archbishop calls for kindness, works for the common good amid divisive abortion and coronavirus debates

“Disagree. Debate. Argue. But please, do so with the utmost dignity and respect for one another. All those many moments in your lives where you’ve shared common joys, common ground, the breaking of bread at family gatherings or fiestas, they are part of the treasures our Creator has bestowed to His children. Do not cause your friendships or family bonds to die. Satan is real and he delights when hatred overcomes love.” – Archbishop Michael Byrnes


The Archbishop of Agana issued a message to all Christians within the Archdiocese Thursday evening asking citizens to continue debating their differences, but to do so with kindness and with a goal toward harmony.

Residents throughout the islands, and especially on Guam, have become increasingly agitated on polar opposite sides of two raging debates surrounding the coronavirus response and, most recently, abortion.

“Amid the division and differences in viewpoints, it can be said that everyone is suffering one way or the other,” the archbishop wrote. “Everyone has wounds. Everyone has fears. Each of us have concerns. None are less important than the other. I find it helpful to stop and remember that each person we meet here on earth is a direct result of the will and love of God our Father.”

You may read the archbishop’s full message below:

Archbishop Byrnes’ Message of Encouragement (09.16.2021)


  • Frank Perez

      09/17/2021 at 2:16 PM

    It comes down to exercising and acting responsibly for one’s behaviors. But then again we live in a sea of endless social turmoil where good and evil becomes relative to one’s station in life…

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