Barnett: Adelup 6 betrayed the people, AG Moylan validates the truth

Sen. Chris Barnett

Sen. Chris Barnett issued the following statement in reaction to Attorney General Douglas Moylan’s return of the proposed Eagle’s Field lease to the governor without his signature:

I applaud AG Moylan’s legal review of the proposed Lalo lease. It validated all of the arguments in favor or Bills 12 and 13 and the override attempts of them.

The Governor and Lt Governor met with the military in secret for two years to negotiate this lease and they couldn’t even get a good deal for us.

The People of Guam and the Legislature should have been involved from day one. I’ve often said the more eyes on this project the better, and I know our People agree with me.

I am still disappointed in my colleagues who chose to go to bat for the Governor and block our rightful role in this process. They chose to defend a lease which isn’t even complete enough to warrant a full review. They chose to rush into recklessness out of loyalty to party, forsaking our People in the process.

That is a betrayal to those who elected us to serve them. The Governor and Lt Governor attacked and orchestrated attacks against anyone who called for transparency and accountability with this whole issue. Those attacks were meant to distract our People from the truths we have been speaking and the truths revealed in the AG’s review.

The review reiterates the basic role of the Legislature in approving and vetting contracts and leases that obligate our People’s money.

I pray my colleagues who refused to realize their responsibility in making sure the People of Guam get the best deal for their money come to their senses.

I also pray the Governor sees the grave error of her ways and brings all senators to the table to move our island’s healthcare system forward in the light of day, and not behind a veil of secrecy and lies.


The six senators Mr. Barnett refers to are:
Vice Speaker Tina Muna Barnes
Senator Joe San Agustin
Senator Amanda Shelton
Senator Will Parkinson
Senator Roy Quinata
Senator Dwayne San Nicolas


  • Alan San Nicolas

      04/01/2023 at 8:28 AM

    Amanu na po fan ayao salape yanggen ma atkila I lugat ? Hayi ti gumaiya I nuebu na espitat ? Yanggen gaisensia, yan tomtom I petsona ya ha na daña I dos seimpre hu muyong ” common-smart”. Gi enteru I gobetno-ta, kao guaha ni este? ESTE I OTRU BIRADA AFAÑELOS

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