Board selects new Guam education chief

The Guam Education Board has hired Dr. Kenneth Swanson as the next superintendent of education. Dr. Swanson replaces Jon Fernandez as chief of the Guam Department of Education. He resigned last summer.

The board made the selection at its meeting Tuesday night.

Dr. Swanson, who is not on island at this time, was the first principal of the Department of Defense Education Activity (DODEA) middle school at Andersen Air Force Base in 1998. According to board members, his children and grandchildren live on Guam, and one of his daughters is a public school teacher here.

“I would like to thank the search committee for their work in the selection process of a new superintendent,” education board chairman Mark Mendiola said. “Vice chairwoman Dr. Mary Okada via our HR department will communicate with Dr. Swanson about the board’s decision and discuss with him our on-boarding process and GDOE’s contractual offer.”

The GDOE has been led since Mr. Fernandez’s departure by interim superintendent Francis Santos. Mr. Santos will be sworn in to the Consolidated Commission on Utilities next week. According to Guam law, he cannot simultaneously be employed with the government of Guam.

Asked who will serve as acting superintendent following Santos’s departure if Mr. Swanson is not on board by that time, Mr. Mendiola replied, “There is no decision at this point.”


  • Frank Perez

      12/29/2022 at 7:57 AM

    So the truth comes out into the light…it was not a unified board decision to select and offer Swanson as the “new” GDOE Superintendent! Would be interested in knowing how Swanson even heard about the position. Did it result from Gutierrez’ newly selected member of the NTSBE as a “favor” for being selected to “ prestigious” body where major members are now outing out of because of woke agendas?
    Sanchez is typically apolitical. Was that his disqualification for not being offered the position?
    Just how long will this nominee last once Tuned to the political machinations of this board? How long will it take him to acclimate to the culture and mores of the local island community? Only time will tell…

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