BREAKING NEWS: Sablan throws her hat in the ring for governor

“I have spent the better part of my adult life advocating and fighting for good governance in the commonwealth – as a legislator, as a journalist, as a citizen and daughter of the Marianas. I am proud of our collective efforts to reorganize and mobilize the Democratic Party, and to push constantly for a government that is fair, ethical, responsive, and accountable to the people it serves.” – Tina Sablan in her letter to Democratic Party chairwoman Nola Hix seeking the nomination for CNMI governor

Rep. Tina Sablan has submitted her letter of intent to seek the Democratic Party nomination for governor of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. The party will review her letter and those of four others and announce by November 4 who among them will be the party’s candidate for the 2022 general election.

Ms. Sablan’s candidacy has been highly anticipated. She has been at the forefront of efforts to rein in runaway spending and corruption under the current administration. If selected to be the democratic candidate for governor, she will challenge Gov. Ralph Torres and Lt. Gov. Arnold Palacios, who each are seeking the office as well.

Ms. Sablan’s letter follows:


  • That’s great and all, but what kind of actual leadership experience does she actually have?” Leading” committees in the government? I’m not saying Ralph is any better (young governor, look where that got us). I’m not saying Christina Sablan is a crook, but will she be able to handle all that the CNMI is going to throw at her? Will she be able to lead us all through the hard fight to recovery from this current administration? Maybe she’s a better follower than a leader? I don’t know, because I don’t know her at all. All I’m saying is, vote with your brain not your emotions. Ask these candidates the hard questions. Don’t vote for someone only because they are a Democrat or a Republican or any other idiotic ignorant criteria you feel like justifying your vote with.

  • I’ve been following CNMI news since Kandit and this lady, Ms Tina, has always been in the forefront fighting for the betterment of her people. Hope she makes the nomination and wins against corruption! Too bad so sad 😔 I can’t vote for her. I’m from Guam.

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