Carl Gutierrez holds back no punches in interview with Ray Gibson


Ray Gibson, star of The Ray Gibson Show on 93.3 FM The Point, this morning interviewed former Gov. Carl Gutierrez, the president and CEO of Guam Visitors Bureau. For the past two years, Mr. Gutierrez has been battling GVB’s board of directors, accusing some of its members of corruption.

GVB’s legal counsel, former chief prosecutor Joseph McDonald, undertook a months-long investigation into the accusations, and produced a report of investigation confirming Mr. Gutierrez’s accusations, and detailing alleged illegal schemes, unethical conduct, financial malfeasance, and abuse of power by certain board members and their business associates.

The video here contains the portion of the Gibson-Gutierrez interview. Here are the bullet points of the discussion:

  1. Kandit’s story “This is why GVB’s board wants to get rid of Carl Gutierrez and Joseph McDonald,” is “100 percent right on the mark.”
  2. Those involved with GVB corruption are paying off members of the media to skew coverage.
  3. Board members are not listening to new board chairman George Chiu, who reportedly told Gutierrez he agreed with the report of investigation.
  4. GVB board members Sonny Ada and Milton Morinaga should not be on or associated with the board, Gutierrez said.
  5. Both the AG and the Public Auditor are looking into the alleged corruption.
  6. Gutierrez drafting letter notifying authorities he is being harassed by the board, and solidifying his status as a whistleblower, affording him protecting from the board.
  7. Sinajana Mayor Robert Hoffman should be confirmed this week by the legislature, making him the 11th of 12 board members.
  8. Mr. Morinaga reportedly now is working with a travel company benefitting from public GVB funds.

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