CHCC changes visitation policy following family’s tragic story

The Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation has updated its visitation policy following the tragic case of Ursula Taman Camacho-Tinio. Ms. Camacho-Tinio was a 75-year-old woman who died alone in the hospital, allegedly with coronavirus. Her family was not informed until 12 hours after she died. They also were not given the chance to speak with her as her condition worsened without their knowledge.
Ms. Camacho-Tinio’s son, Lawrence Camacho said he tested negative for coronavirus but was not allowed to attend to her as a caregiver. In the updated visitation policy, CHCC now states:
Additionally, family members or caregivers requested by patients needing moderate to maximum assistance during hospitalization should be fully vaccinated and have a negative antigen result before they are allowed into the room. Only one (1) identified caregiver will be allowed in the room the whole time.
Mr. Camacho was not able to comfort his mother before she passed away alone in a cold hospital. While the CHCC news release does not name the Tinio tragedy, the change to provide clearer guidelines for their staff to adhere to immediately follows the passing of Mr. Camacho’s mother. CHCC CEO Esther Muna Thursday told Kandit her agency investigated the matter. “We have reviewed and revised internal policies related to the matter,” Ms. Muna said. You can read the release in its entirety below:


  • THis “new” directive does not to change anything. Only ten minutes to sit with a dying patient?? A patient does not have a set time to die. Also the incompetence is and has been immense at CHC even before this Covid. Especially when nobody calls.

    Take this mother for example, when she was dying and if the family was called only one could enter the room for only ten minutes?
    When a close family member (or even a close friend) is dying it is common all over the world to have all clos family and friends around them as they pass on and many times it takes hours, even after they are taken off of life support. (been in that situation more times than I want to count over the years)

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