CNMI Democrats: Party supports Tina Sablan

The following is from a news release from the Democratic Party of the NMI:

The Democratic Party of the NMI is the political organization that officially nominates and certifies candidates for CNMI elections under the Democratic banner. The Democratic Party of the NMI, as a political organization, has officially endorsed Representative Christina “Tina” Sablan as the party’s gubernatorial candidate for 2022.

The Democratic Party of the NMI did not approve nor release any photos, press releases, banners, or other materials depicting individual Democrats, former Democrats, or Independents on Rota endorsing any other gubernatorial candidate.

We recognize that family ties play a crucial role in CNMI elections, and familial pressures can influence even close allies to switch political allegiances. While we respect the political choices of all individuals, we also urge all political camps to ensure the transparency and accuracy of campaign information they disseminate.

The Democratic Party of the NMI remains committed to transparency and accuracy in all information we share that is critically important to the general well-being of the people of the commonwealth, and we will continue to carry out our campaign activities in accordance with this pledge. Trust can only be earned in this way.

As we look forward to the announcement of Tina’s running mate later this month, we remind the people of the commonwealth that, in the voting booth, “nobody knows where your pencil goes.” With Tina and her running mate, and all our Democratic candidates, good governance will be on the ballot this coming November.

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