CNMI power line crew arrives on Guam; no Guam elected officials on hand to greet them

Ten linemen from Saipan and two from Rota employed with the Commonwealth Utilities Commission arrived on Guam this morning to begin helping Guam Power Authority to restore electricity to the people, businesses, and government of Guam.

GPA officials were on hand to greet them. Neither Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero, Lt. Gov. Joshua Tenorio, Congressman Jim Moylan, nor any member of the Guam Legislature came to receive the linemen, who left their families to help with the Guam disaster relief.

Saipan Sen. Celina Roberto Babauta, who is on Guam at personal expense to provide for her son, who attends college on Guam and will be deploying this week from the Guam National Guard, did greet the line crew at the airport. She donated cases of water to the men.

The crew arrived with goody bags given to them in Saipan by Herman’s Bakery.

CNMI Gov. Arnold Palacios, who began a relief drive for the people of Guam that thus far also has received no public praise from the elected leaders of Guam, and Lt. Gov. David Apatang on Friday met with the line men at the Governor’s Office on Capital Hill to pray over the men and thank them for helping the people of Guam.

On behalf of our viewers and readers, Kandit News Group extends a humble gof dankulu na si Yu’us ma’ase to these men and their families, and to the government and people of the CNMI for their charity and prayers.


  • Damian Joseph & Anita

      06/04/2023 at 2:19 PM

    I wish to extend a sincere Si YU’US
    MA’ASE from a fellow Chamorro in
    North Carolina in assisting GPA.

    The people will appreciate your help. It is usually done here in the states where linemen from other states help. Thank you again.

  • Why are you always interested in starting shit , kandit ??? When GPA went to Saipan a few years back and stayed for over 3 months , did you have anything to say then ??? Did anyone from the NMI come to the airport then ? Nope . C‘’mon…the island is already suffering . We don’t need your negative bullshit to add in the mix . These employees WANT to help … you’re the one trying to turn it in to something shitty by adding your personal touch of crap to the story line .

    • Fizzlehack

        06/04/2023 at 9:03 PM

      Should the Governor be expected to greet everyone who arrives to assist? No. Should the Administration acknowledge the contribution? Sure. But let’s save the pat on the backs for after the job is done.

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