Dear AG Leevin Camacho,

Dear Attorney General Leevin Camacho,

There is so much crime on Guam, we have to ask ourselves whether we’re okay with some police officers, who conduct themselves criminally. And when we’ve answered that question as any reasonable citizen would, we then have to ask ourselves whether we’re okay with an attorney general, who does nothing about police corruption.

This is footage from the panty-sniffing March 31, 2021 police raid of 163 Estralita Court in Tamuning, when a Guam police officer is shown in another part of the surveillance footage (we previously reported on and showed this) taking a crowbar to a mounted TV that was not in his way. Other officers clearly are shown destroying other property. The people who stayed in the home came back to fuel poured over their belongings. The police stole their surveillance system. We say ‘stole,’ because they did not report it in their return of warrant and because they likely thought taking the system would remove the evidence of their crimes. The surveillance recorded to the cloud.

In that surveillance footage, aside from what we’ve already shown you, is this scene of officers – at the very least – talking about their planting of a fingerprint at the scene. It was hoped a proper investigation could resolve this and everything else shown in more than two hours of footage.

But it has not. What do you expect, when an independent body did not conduct the investigation?

After more than a year now since GPD promised internal and criminal investigations, no charges have been brought against any of the officers involved in the wrongdoing.

Could it be because at least one of them was a member of the governor’s executive security team? Because Attorney General Leevin Camacho is too busy suing TikTok?

Part of solving crime is ridding the crime stopping force of its bad apples. Because if this two hour surveillance footage they meant to never see the light of day has shown is this much already, imagine all that happens when the light isn’t shining.


  • Thank you for printing this. I have known the victim since he was a baby. He has family in the states but they have him on a monitor so he cannot leave. He has every reason to fear for his life. The cops are the ones who should be in jail. This young man is innocent

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