Democrats react to impeachment

The following is a statement from Nola Hix, Chairwoman of the Democratic Party of the Northern Mariana Islands:

The 22nd CNMI House of Representatives have officially delivered on the people’s mandate. We commend JGO Chairwoman Celina Babauta and her JGO house committee members for their outstanding work as the amount of time and months long effort given to this investigation was not an easy triumph. We applaud the collective efforts of the Democratic Caucus Majority because without their steadfast leadership we would not be where we are today.

The sacrifices of the legislators, witnesses, and our communities now lay in the hands of the Senate. With the 15-4-1 vote we can only hope the same 5 mistakes don’t happen again and we thank the other members of the minority for doing what’s right. The people want our elected officials to deliver and the impeachment is a major solution to many of the ongoing issues that have somehow become the norm for several years now.

This is the first step in eradicating corruption, abuse, and years of mistrust in the people’s government that will take years to restore. Our people deserve justice and closure. Today’s impeachment votes are a step towards that direction.

The impeachment of Ralph Dlg Torres has been on the agenda since the elected Democrats took their oath of office on Jan 11, 2021 which actually marked their 1 year in office as of yesterday. What a remarkable coincidence and we share this historic victory with the people of the CNMI and everyone who’s stood with us in this journey.

Dr. Carlos Camacho, the first governor of the CNMI, joined the efforts of pro-impeachment activists outside the Commonwealth Legislature prior to the impeachment of Ralph Torres.

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