Duenas & Barnett call out Adelup and Progressive Democrats after fabricated document circulates

Sen. Chris Duenas has filed a criminal complaint against the person or people who impersonated an elected public official, fabricated a document, and falsified information under false pretenses. A fabricated document made to look like an official floor amendment to legislation in the Guam Legislature began circulating on social media, and was published by the Progressive Democrats of Guam Tuesday. The fabrication spreads the false narrative that Sen. Chris Duenas is trying to transfer funds away from teacher pay raises.

Mr. Duenas, visibly upset at the lie, exclaimed a point of personal privilege when he received the fabricated document while speaking on the floor of the legislature.

“This is a lie!” the senator exclaimed. “This evil doer, whoever put this information out there to try to gaslight and get people up in arms and angry and lie to the people of Guam!”

Sen. Chris Barnett came to Mr. Duenas’s defense, and also accused Adelup and the Progressive Democrats fringe group of fabricating stories at his expense and for the political benefit of Adelup.

“I was also attacked by this group, which is headed, I believe, by a staffer at Adelup,” Mr. Barnett said. “And I didn’t appreciate being attacked. I was called out for being ‘hypocritical.’ They said I didn’t support the pay raises, which clearly I said I do. This is par for the course. While… I don’t know what to say. I’m disappointed. This administration is willing to, at all costs, push this agenda and for whatever reason. They really should just back off, because we’re clearly going to address this issue of the pay raises. I don’t appreciate these fabricated attacks.”

Both Mr. Duenas and Mr. Barnett have been the target of Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero and her administration since the two senators took up the cause of prioritizing school funding before addressing GovGuam pay raises. Mr. Duenas has publicly spoken out against taxpayers footing the bill for 22 percent pay raises for employees earning six-figure salaries under the General Pay Plan.

Both senators have publicly stated their support of pay increases for the rank and file employees of the General Pay Plan.

The Progressive Democrats of Guam is headed by an Adelup staffer. This staffer is under the General Pay Plan, and currently is paid more than $50,000 per year. He and the Progressive Democrats have been most aggressive in their attacks against Mr. Duenas and Mr. Barnett, and for the GPP pay raises to include high-paid staffers. If senators fund the GPP raises, this staffer will see a more-than $11,000 pay raise. That does not include corresponding increases to his retirement and other benefits.

This same organization and staffer were active during last year’s gubernatorial campaign, when they ferociously attacked both of Ms. Leon Guerrero’s political opponents: former Congressman Michael San Nicolas, and former Gov. Felix Camacho.

Governor’s director of communications Krystal Paco-San Agustin said the accusation of Adelup involvement in the fabrication “is completely false. The administration was not involved in the drafting of this amendment.”

The Progressive Democrats of Guam, after the floor speeches by Duenas and Barnett, posted a retraction and apology on its Facebook page.


  • Alan San Nicolas

      03/22/2023 at 5:38 AM

    Na siguru na ma anunsia gi pupbliku I chogue enao na beda. Mungnga ma fatkiluyi I pupbliku ya en pega gi papasatgi. MAOLEK NA OGGA’AN PARA TODU

  • Is there any individual who works for GovGuam and goober-na Lewd-es with cybercrime experience?
    There was a big time DENIAL by Sen. Chris Duenas over a Social Media event. The Official looking document attributed to Chris Duesnas was official looking. This document, supposedly by Chris Duenas, allegedly manipulates Teachers Pay in Facebook media. Duenas filed a Complaint with Ethics Committee! Correct where wrong! Janssen’s name was later identified in other Social Medias. Progressive Democrats Web group was eventually identified! What is their Agenda?
    On a separate note, Facebook deleted 2 post in the American, Chamorro Guamanian group. To be clear, interacting with Janssen in the past, he questioned my numerous blog against goober-na Lewd-es, etc. In other words, this guy is real?
    I reviewed the supposed last post which basically had all these NEGATIVES AGAINST Del. MSN attributed to me! Totally Bogus! I notified FB Advisory Committee that I didn’t POST the deleted article 3/4 days ago. Right off the bat that Post, was meant to sit in the Group box, state my supposed denial to MSN Governorship a while back. My position was the ‘no comment’ on Substantial evidence by goober-na Lewd-es and Peter ‘Jive Talker’ Santos, the AG Camacho, responsibleguampac group, etc! These parties played the role of IGNORANCE on the Guam Public! That’s Gas Lighting by the Progressive Democrats?
    The Removal process coincides with the recent GMH and Docomo Cybercrime time period Now the Guam Public has the recent Chris Duenas escapade. Another scam to provide false info!
    Several seemingly unrelated but hacking elements was involved. Remember, my FB Account name had to be used for that Post! One has to know about Cybercrime techniques, etc., to get that info! OR maybe, the Hacker had inside control over FB accounts?
    Remember, there is no Final Report on how GMH handled their HIPPA and Data violations! What’s the relevance of GMH flops? It could also be a Selling point for a new Hospital! Or the Docomo story was a side tract distraction?
    The Docomo CyberCrime recently happened! Could this event be tied to one hacker? Remember, ITE and GTA, 2 local ventures, hasn’t been CYBERCRIMED! Is this Selective Crime? Where’s the IT Professionals? Oooopppsss, another MESsy Chamorro Joke!
    I think it’s even odd that goober-na Lewd-es specifically mentioned pay raises for IT in her State of the Union speech. Goober-na never mentioned other Employee fields. In retrospect, does goober-na LEWD-es cater to this new weapon? That’s another way to Gas Light the Guam Public? Now, what does a Stats tech have on his hands? Time? Access to Data? Capable to practice black Ops [couldn’t resist this thought}. Excuse the Guam Public reflecting all the possibilities behind a non-Transparent Administration and GovGuam on a small Island of 160k+ Americans! Ask yourself, what work has Jannsson done that the Guam Public can refer too! OOooohh, do have another MESsy Chamorro Joke?

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