GMH undertaking major CIPs, including roof upgrade and Z-Wing demolition

The following is a news release from the Guam Memorial Hospital:

As part of Guam Memorial Hospital Authority’s relentless pursuit to provide excellent, accessible healthcare to our island, GMHA is currently undertaking several major Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) to ensure the longevity of the current critical infrastructure, until a new hospital is built.

As part of the many projects GMHA is leading, the hospital’s roof and envelope are being upgraded. This will enhance the structural integrity during heavy rainfall, mitigating against potential leaks. This project is currently in the design phase, with the first portion tracking to begin in November 2021. The roof upgrade is a phased project that is expected to take up to one year. The first phase will begin with the area over the hospital’s laboratory.

In addition, GMHA is finalizing plans to demolish the vacant Z-Wing portion of the building. A small footprint will be salvaged to use as additional office space; the remaining structure will be demolished and converted into much needed parking spaces at the hospital. The project has completed the abatement phase and is currently in pre- demolition. The tactful, controlled demolition process is expected to begin early 2022.

“It’s no secret our building is old. We’ve been working to maintain it for years and these major CIP undertakings will ensure this facility is fully functional until our move to the new hospital,” said William Kando, GMHA Associate Administrator of Operations. “We’re incredibly proud of all our teams for working non-stop for our community. These upgrades will ensure our infrastructure lives up to the excellent healthcare our teams deliver.”

Additional improvements to the island’s trusted healthcare facility include HVAC upgrades, which are currently underway, to include removing and replacing 22 more Air Handling Units (AHUs), to include upgrades to the ICU and Emergency Room HVAC systems in the coming months.

“Every month, our BOT subcommittee meets to discuss how to move our community hospital forward. We are hyper focused on updating our infrastructure and technology to propel our beloved community hospital into the leading edge of healthcare on Guam,” said Sharon Davis, Facilities, CIP and IT subcommittee Chairwoman for the GMHA Board of Trustees. “I myself have received excellent care at GMHA and I want to ensure our incredible teams have the necessary tools and space to practice medicine and treat our island’s most vulnerable patients.”

In addition to the major projects GMHA is undertaking, there are simultaneous smaller-scale repairs to ensure the greatest quality of care for our patients and staff. This includes Operating Room surgical light upgrades and a ceiling-repair project for the Physician’s Parking Lot.

GMHA is also following through on the Alternate Care Facility (ACF) plans for the Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) in Barrigada Heights. The project will include the isolation of the B-Wing, to ensure the safety of SNF residents, should there be a need to treat patients at the ACF, in response to COVID-19. Current ACF upgrades also include the manufacturing, installation and commissioning of two 134-ton chillers, as well as isolating the B-Wing HVAC system from the remaining wings. Additionally, beds at the SNF will be upgraded, along with IT infrastructure that supports the building and other ancillary support equipment.

GMHA is excited and proud to be making these investments in our island’s trusted public hospital and SNF, so we may continue to deliver excellent, accessible healthcare to all.

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