Government paying company nearly $5k a day to sanitize one building

An invoice from Jogo Sanitation Services has surfaced, showing the company is charging the Commonwealth government $4,749.50 per day to disinfect the multi-purpose center. Invoice #JOSS-2021-007 addressed to the Governor’s COVID-19 Task Force and Homeland Security and Emergency Management agency bills the government $142,485 for the disinfection of the center for a month. The invoice is dated November 16, 2021.

“My company wouldn’t charge even half that amount to sanitize the entire University of Guam Field House,” one executive of a cleaning company told Kandit. The UOG Field House is considerably larger than every multi-purpose center in the Mariana Islands.

Members of the governor’s task force do not answer their phones, when Kandit calls; neither does the governor or his spokeswoman, Kevin Bautista.


  • Let them enjoy the hard earned U.S. Taxpayers. I hope everyone involved in this scammed will choke when enjoying the fruits of their cheats. Bastards they think we’re stupid!

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