GTA donates to Manhoben Swim Club

The Manhoben Swim Club is preparing to compete in the 2022 Keo Nakama Invitational swim meet.  The Invitational was paused for two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The fundraising needs for the upcoming event has been met with a $1,000 donation from GTA.

To show their gratitude, the Manhoben swimmers washed a fleet of GTA vehicles.  Manhoben Swim Club coach Andy Lee said, “We are very grateful to GTA for their generous support of our competitive swimmers.”  Before the pandemic, the Keo Nakama Invitational was the longest continuously running competitive swim meet in Hawai’i.  The meet will be held in Honolulu from July 1-3, 2022.

GTA vice president of marketing Nate Denight said, “Guam has a very talented pool of athletes, and the Manhoben Swim Club provides opportunities for our youth to achieve their potential in the world of competitive swimming and beyond.  When we support our student athletes, we build stronger neighborhoods and healthier communities.”

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