Help save Patti Arroyo’s life

Patti Arroyo, longtime journalist, talk show host, a friend and mentor to many, and mother and grandmother of a lovely family, needs a liver transplant. Insurance does not cover this procedure, according to Dr. Tom Shieh.

Her daughter is trying to raise funds for the costly surgery.

We pray for Patti and her family, and we send her all the love her heart can hold.

The write up below was taken from her daughter, Tia Bundang’s Facebook post today. It contains information on how you can donate to help save her life:

To say this year has been a challenge for our family would be an understatement. We were so blessed with Cirese overcoming her struggle with uterine cancer that we thought this would be the last of our battle to fight. Yet, we are challenged again with our mom fighting to beat a deadly liver disease.

If you know my mom, you know that she has worked tirelessly to help the people of our community. She has given her time and effort to give a voice to the people that have needed it the most without asking anything in return.

On Saturday, April 29, she got the results of her blood work done by Dr. Shieh who insisted that she check into GRMC immediately. After a series of tests they came to the conclusion that she needs a life saving liver transplant, with her son, daughter, and youngest sister being the best candidates.

We are humbly asking for help, once again, to get my mom the help she needs to beat this disease.

We want to thank the doctors and nurses at GRMC for their continued effort as we move on to the next step of her recovery. Dr. Manaloto and his team have been amazing at keeping her stable and comfortable as we await this transition. Thank you to Dr. Tom Shieh who has been by her side during this process as well.

We are hoping to raise funds to get my mom the care she needs and back on the air and back to helping our people!

Please send me a direct message if you are able to help, but we are mostly thankful for your prayers.


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