Kilili says Sablan and Staffler have moral compass, character to lead NMI

Congressman Gregorio “Kilili” Sablan issued the following statement endorsing the gubernatorial team candidacy of Tina Sablan and Leila Staffler:

Leila Staffler and Tina Sablan, together – what a team to lead the Marianas!

Mrs. Staffler’s leadership skills were developed in her years as a school principal in Kagman. She was known for her ability to build consensus and for the many successes of the Ayuyu community that resulted.

Seeing how well she worked with students and parents, I encouraged Leila to run for public office and represent her entire Kagman community. Now, she has developed the same reputation for teamwork with her colleagues in the Legislature, a style of leadership she will surely bring to the office of Lieutenant Governor.

Besides the competence and incorruptibility that is the basis for their candidacy, of course, Leila Staffler and Tina Sablan are also making history.

Leila is the first person from –a daughter of– Tinian ever to join any party’s ticket for Governor and Lieutenant Governor.
And for Tina and Leila—two women—to seek the highest offices in our Commonwealth is also history in the making.

But elect them for what they can do. Tina Sablan and Leila Staffler are smart and hard working. Their high moral standards and good character will always guide them as they guide our Commonwealth through the difficult days ahead.

I support them both with all my heart. I will be campaigning alongside them from now to Election Day, and I look forward to working closely with them as your representative in Congress.

Today, I ask all my friends, supporters, and family to join me in supporting and voting for Tina Sablan and Leila Staffler for Governor and Lieutenant Governor.


The community is invited to attend the NMI Democratic Party’s gubernatorial campaign kick-off for Christina Sablan and Leila Staffler on January 26, 2022 at the Garapan Fishing Base, starting at 4:45pm with the roadside waving at 4:00pm. The event will be outdoors to permit physical distancing, seats will be limited so bring a beach chair, and all attendees are asked to wear masks. The event will also be streamed online at the Democratic Party of the Northern Mariana Island’s Facebook page.

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