Let the holidays inspire your sobriety

The holidays often are difficult for those who are just entering their journey to recovery. The years of self neglect and damages caused tends to surface even more when our minds are clear of any mind altering substances.

As the holidays begin, I want you to know, that your sobriety must come first, maintaining that sobriety is necessary for you to regain all that has been lost and achieve what has been eluding you for so many years…your discovery of your true self.

Images of your past will resurface, your children, the happy times, the laughter you all once had in your life. Your addiction however will try and sway those memories by replacing it with depression, despair a sense of self dissapointment, silently urging you to pick up the needle, smoke the pipe even pop a pill.. Remember to hold on to those happy memories because that is what your ultimate goal will be, to regain the happiness once lost.

So this holiday season know that you have the strength to overcome your addiction because you are not alone!!!

If you feel the need to use this holiday season or any day for that fact, hit me up, know there is more to life than 3 tokes and an 8 hour high.

I am not a counselor, i have no degree, I have no certificates, but what i do have.. is my sobriety, my experiences, my strengths and hope, and with that said..I am here for you.

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