Berg: Mask mandate may end in “a couple weeks”

The governor’s chief medical advisor on the pandemic told Kandit’s audience Monday night the governor’s nearly-two-year-old mask mandate may be over in just two weeks.

Dr. Nathaniel Berg

Dr. Nathaniel Berg, who appeared live in studio at the request of the Democratic Party of Guam, participated in a discussion on the effectiveness of Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero’s public health emergency policies. Joining him on stage was Republican Party of Guam national  committeewoman Shelly Gibson. Ms. Gibson said the GOP maintains mask wearing should not be mandated, and should be matters of personal choice and responsibility.

Dr. Berg, while defending the necessity of Ms. Leon Guerrero’s mandate, said it is possible the mandate may be lifted shortly. Dr. Berg is the chairman of the governor’s Physicians Advisory Group, which often meets with the governor to recommend the public health policies she has instituted.

Here is the relevant portion of Dr. Berg’s comment:

“We’re being proactive in that decision-making process. The mask mandate will end as soon as it seems we are run a safe position. The real issue that is always overwhelming to everything else is the hospitals. We don’t have southern Guam county. We can’t send people to Saipan if the hospitals get overwhelmed. If the intensive care units are full, we’re in trouble. We’ve been in trouble. 

“Cautiously, it will be done. Guaranteed, it will be done. Fingers crossed, numbers stay the way they are — couple weeks, we’ll be done with the masks. When I’ve spoken with people at Public Health today, I said, ‘Are you guys ok [that] we’re looking at a couple weeks that we should be there?’ They said, ‘Yup.’”

“The thing in Guam is to always protect the hospitals. Rather than be doing what some countries have done, where they’ve removed all the mandates, all at once. We’re saying, ‘remove one, see that it doesn’t have an impact. Remove another, make sure there’s no bump in the number of people in the ICU and getting them into the hospital.’ Each one, we wait a little bit. And as long as nothing’s happening, we should be done shortly.”


  • Naenae🤪

      03/02/2022 at 1:36 AM

    Oh now its Oh now its “Our Choice, Our Responsibility” who the heck came up with that bull?

    People, we had no choice but to abide to Aunty LouLou Bells mandates because we were afraid to loose our jobs. We were afraid to go to work without masks and proof of vaccinations because we’re barely surviving out here financially as it is  and we had to pay fines, fines half of us couldn’t even afford.You know what we could do with that $100? Buy 5 cases of Ichibang! But we had too. Why? Because Aunty Lou said so. She forced us,  and word on the streets was Government Employees had no choice but to walk away from their jobs because of a choice that wasn’t even theirs. Because it’s her way or the highway.

    Patrons no longer need to sign contract tracing for dining in and no longer need vaccination cards. Who’s to say an unknowingly positive person waltz in an establishment and infects people . Who was that person?! Oh we don’t know Madam Highness Governer Louness, we don’t have names and contact numbers anymore member?!

    Let this resonate with you Government Lou, what was the point of all the mandates and forcing? The bribery?! Because you can and you did?! Go lift the mask mandate, because covid is over according to you. Watch covid come back thrice as hard, holding a sign reading “Surprise B****! ”

    “Our Choice, Our Responsibility” really now? We’re still not in the clear of this pandemic in case y’all forgot!

    Question? Do you really get information about the rise and deaths from hospitals or does the news outlets do that for you? I’ve heard more information from Kandit and heck even The Guam Daily Post than I ever got from you.

    Do better, Your Majesty Highness Government Lou! Gosh, this is why I skip your ads on YouTube. Always talking nonsense with your sidekick Josh Stoppable. Your naked mole rat? The Medical board of directors. This is why some of them quit 🤦‍♀️

    ***end of rant***

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