Murder in Garapan

The following is a news release from the CNMI Department of Public Safety:

On May 9, 2022, at about 2:04 a.m., the Department of Public Safety (DPS) received a report of a stabbing incident at the Paseo de Marianas (PDM), Garapan, Saipan. Police responded to the scene.

At the scene, police saw two (2) male subjects laying on the ground by the former Famous Shoes establishment. Medics from the Department of Fire and Emergency Medical Services arrived on the scene and transported both victims to the Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation (CHCC) for further treatment. One male victim was pronounced dead, while the other male victim was in critical condition and admitted into the hospital for further care.

Preliminary investigation indicated that in the early morning of Monday, May 9, 2022, a group of Chinese males was seen walking into the Paseo de Marianas (PDM) after a night out. While walking through PDM, one member of the group (victim #1) saw an unknown individual later identified as Rui Jun Huang, and greeted him while continuing to walk, but Huang began talking loudly. Victim #1 left the group and approached the Huang before a brief fight ensued. The fight was immediately broken up by the group and other witnesses in the area, and the group left the scene.

Several minutes later, the group doubled back through PDM to head back to a friend’s house where they ran into Huang again. According to witnesses victim #1 left the group to confront Huang again. Victim#2 followed to stop Huang and Victim#1 from arguing again. At this time Huang pulled out a knife and separately stabbed victims #1 and #2. A member of the group re- strained Huang as they called for police assistance.

Police soon arrived on the scene and placed the suspect under arrest and transported him to the Department of Corrections (DOC).

This case is classed as a homicide and pending further investigation.

The CNMI Department of Public Safety highly encourages the public to call 911 anytime to re- port a crime or an emergency. Our officers are here to help you. If you wish to remain anonymous please call the CNMI Crime Stoppers hotline at 234-7272. Crime Stoppers pays up
to $1,000.00 for any information leading to an arrest. It pays to call.

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