San Nicolas on running for governor: We’re definitely preparing

Michael San Nicolas said he and his team are preparing for next year’s race for governor, but not necessarily focusing on the matter in the sense of a political campaign.

“We are. We’re definitely preparing. And I’m not talking about the campaign or political sense. We’re just really dialing into and drilling down on the legacy problems that our island has been suffering from. Because if we are going to make this shift, we’re going to go in there and resolve these things.”

Mr. San Nicolas, who has spent the past two-and-a-half years as Guam’s delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives resolving decades-old ‘legacy’ issues (war claims, earned income credit reimbursement, Medicaid parity, etc.), spent 40 minutes in studio with Kandit discussing problems he’d like to address and resolve if elected governor. Among the topics discussed were the easing of the tax burden, a radical idea to force the price of gas down, the development of homes to bring down the cost of housing, investments into education, and beefing up police services.

Asked whether he would run as a democrat, Mr. San Nicolas said he would, to honor the memory of his grandfather, the late Speaker Dr. Franklin Quitugua, who was rooted in Guam’s democrat party.


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