Senator’s staffer uses $6,116.14 of your money on California junket

Guam’s taxpayers forked out $6,116.14 so that a staffer in the office of Sen. Amanda Shelton could travel to Sacramento, California for an eight-day conference of the National Council of State Legislatures.

Christian Valencia was paid 10 days of per diem, or $1,006.25 of your money, for this 8-day conference. His airfare cost $1,709.89, and the registration fee for the “2021 LSMI Online Experience” cost the taxpayers $3,400.

The conference, according to the agenda, began Friday, August 20, and ended Friday, August 27, 2021. On every day but one, the participants were served continental breakfast and lunch at the Sheraton Grand Sacramento Hotel. In between, they listened through lectures and panel discussions. Here are the titles of some of them:

  • American Legislatures–Who We Are
  • Social Styles
  • Can’t Stop the Feeling (Do I Need To?!)
  • Communication…I hear it’s kind of important

Prior to each of these sessions on every day is the class discussion, “Reflections on the Previous Day.”

That is correct … our tax dollars – $6,116.14 to be exact – paid for that baloney.

Unlike the European junket Sen. Telena Nelson took to Dublin, Ireland, Mr. Valencia did not take any side trip, according to his itinerary and plane tickets.

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