Speaker keeps her eye on GMH’s needs

The following is from a news release from the Office of Speaker Therese M. Terlaje:

Speaker Therese Terlaje, Legislature Oversight Chairperson on Health, and senators, held a Virtual Roundtable with Administrator Lillian Posadas, as well as board trustees, administrative and medical personnel of the Guam Memorial Hospital. The discussion provided an overview of GMHA’s strategic plan, COVID-19 response efforts, financial posture, and efforts to achieve financial stability, CMS and regulatory compliance, and capital infrastructure progress and plans.

During the roundtable, Speaker Terlaje noted that it was good to hear that GMHA received $26.5 million in federal grants and $7.2 million in ARP funding for FY 2021. GMHA updated the Committee that the Electronic Health Records System is 72% complete, that A&E designs were complete for many of the HVAC upgrades and the hospital roof, and shared progress on improvements to the Telemedicine program.  However, the Electronic Health Records system project has been temporarily put on hold while staff is working to handle the surge of patients.

In addition, Dr. Joleen Aguon, Associate Administrator of Clinical Services, clarified the Regeneron policy noting that a majority of their supply is going to the Guam Regional Medical City transfusion clinic and that the limited space in the GMH emergency room hinders the public hospital’s ability to expand its clinic and treatment capacity.

The Legislature Oversight Chair on Health urged the board for more transparency on CMS reporting and COVID details that help the community recognize symptoms and act swiftly to get medical help as needed.

Speaker Terlaje closed by thanking GMHA and urged continued updates for the people of Guam and stated “It’s very important we continue to work together to foster confidence in our public hospital, confidence in our plans moving forward, and confidence in our response to COVID.”

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