‘Stop Hunger Games:’ Moylan scolds governor in public statement about All RISE implementation problems

The following is a statement from Sen. Jim Moylan:

Before I continue, I would like to apologize to the people of Guam for the inconveniences your government has created with the Rise Act, or in this case, the All Rise Act. What you have had to endure with not only the waiting period, but now this lengthy application process is wrong and unfortunate, and why this government needs to strive to do better

Late last night 13 Senators voted to override the Governor’s veto of Bill 75-36 (COR), a measure introduced by myself, and my colleagues Senators Tony Ada and Chris Duenas. The measure proposed several changes to the Rise Act, inclusive of an increase in the payout, simplification of the processing, and most importantly, removing any cap on the program.

While we understand that the Governor has made her point very clear, that this is her program, with her rules, the override of the measure was a strong statement from the Legislature that both branches of government need to work together, especially as we overcome the economic state of our island. That the voices of the “People’s House”, do, and should matter, and considering all the troubles that the community is facing this morning in applying for the All Rise Act, that the priority of the administration is to take a look at the provisions of Bill 75-36 (COR), and immediately amend the Governor’s program. Please make it fair, balanced, and dignified.

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero, as you sat comfortably at home last night, hundreds of island residents started parking their vehicles at the Department of Revenue and Taxation as early as 7pm. They were afraid of your “First Come-First Served” statement, and more fearful of the reality that after all the obstacles you have made them endure, that they may not receive their share of the program. We are in a crisis and residents need to take care of their families. They should not be placed in a situation that seems like a scene from the movie “Hunger Games”, where only the strong and agile are left to survive. Where is the decency?

As we successfully overrode Bill 75-36 (COR) last night, the one message that I would like to express to the Governor is as follows, “No qualified resident who applies within a reasonable timeline, should be denied the proceeds from the Rise Act. Therefore, Governor please lift the cap and immediately change your rules and be fair to the people of Guam.”

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