WATCH: GDOE official answers your questions on whether to send your kids back to school

If you’re a public school parent and you’re wondering whether your kid needs to start going back to school next week Monday (September 27), then watch this short clip. In it, Guam Department of Education deputy superintendent Erika Cruz provides the information you need to know, and answers the question of whether you’re allowed to re-enroll your child in the online classroom module.

If you’d like to know why it is that the governor’s office on one hand is saying these are the worst days of this public health emergency, and on the other hand is saying it’s okay to send thousands of unvaccinated children into organized social settings, then you’re out of luck. The governor’s office has ignored EVERY SINGLE MESSAGE WE’VE SENT asking for comment about this confusion in their messaging and the lack of information in this regard.

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