WATCH: Ramona Siblang gives her side of the story

Ramona Siblang, the real estate agent at the center of a Tumon land interest sale dispute, said she was not involved in any conspiracy or wrongdoing, when her former client, Mary Leon Guerrero, sold a corporation’s one-third interest in the property where Guam Beachfront Residences sits.

In a nearly-one-hour interview, Ms. Siblang explained her side of this story, which Kandit has been reporting extensively about.

Documents disclosed in a lawsuit filed by Mary’s in-laws (Peter Leon Guerrero, Bernadette L.G. Vandergrift, and Rita L.G. Toves) allege Mary and her son, and several businesses and businessmen stole the Leon Guerreros’s one-third interest in the land where Guam Beachfront Residences sits, a bull cart trail fronting the former hotel, and the lot across San Vitores Road. According to the documents, Mary changed the ownership of ULG, Inc. – the family company that owned the one-third interest in the properties – to give herself and her son, Collin Leon Guerrero, exclusive authority to sale ULG’s interest. In December 2019, that sale was executed from a purchase agreement, and the interest was sold to Columbus Development Corporation.

Ms. Siblang said she did not represent Ms. Leon Guerrero during the period, when the corporate ownership was changed, and that Ms. Leon Guerrero’s lawyer at the time was handling those issues with Pacific American Title and Insurance Company. PATICO is a named defendant in the court case. She also asserted that her broker at the time, Phil Law with The Property Shop, was far more involved with the transaction than Mr. Law told Kandit in a previous interview.

Listen to the full interview below:

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