WATCH: Sabrina Salas Matanane releases personal statement and video

Sabrina Salas Matanane has released a personal statement thanking Guam, the supporters and volunteers of her first run for public office, and Congressman Michael San Nicolas, which you may read below. She released this statement along with the video above:
Thank you everyone for your support during this campaign.
I never thought that I would ever run for public office but I realized that in order to effectuate real change I had to be a part of making that change happen. So after 25 years of being a journalist, I stepped outside of my comfort zone, and took a stand.
It was brutal but I’m still standing and holding my head high because I am proud of the way I conducted myself in the face of so much adversity.
I do not see this as a loss, but a lesson. I’ve learned that we all need to do better for our island. Not even half of the total number of registered voters on Guam voted during the primary. This is one of the lowest voter turnouts in our island’s history. If you want change you have to fight for it. I did my part and stepped up. I’m not happy with the end result but the risk was worth it.
To Congressman Michael San Nicolas, thank you for asking me to be your running mate. It has been an honor to fight side by side for our people.
To our supporters, volunteers, our team, and to my family and friends no words can express the depth of gratitude I have for all of you.
To our people, make your vote count in November because the fight continues. I LOVE YOU GUAM!!!


  • Ms Sabrina, I’m sure that everyone who voted for you and Mike, loves ❤️ you too, yours truly included. Yes I’m sad that we, the people of our island didn’t win the race. Sad that most of Guam’s voters prefer the dictatorship of this administration 😞. I could go on and on but you know what I’m saying. I’m still tearing 😢 especially when Ray Gibson showed us your video. Love you girlfriend, keep up the good work.

  • After a defeat, real leaders don’t leave their supporters hanging while they retreat into the shadows to lick their wounds. Thank you, Sabrina for finally saying something to the people who supported you during this campaign. May God bless you on your journey.

  • Thank you Ms. Sabina for wanting to do right by the people of Guam. Your hard work and dedication to the people is greatly appreciated. ❤️

  • D. Tedpahogo

      08/30/2022 at 3:58 AM

    The choice you made to run for office resulted in the loss of your benefits. Now you can go out like everyone else and search with confidence and try to get another job. If you can hold your head up high and believe in your abilities someone will hire you. Don’t be scared Sabrina. At least your reputation is still in tact unlike your running mate. Lesson learned Integrity Matters!

    • You meant the over 7K plus voters are not that informed, or you one of those voters that are scared of change? Guam’s politicks is as crazy as our motherland. Corrupted!

  • Good Fight for what’s Right / wanting to make Changes that the Island needs.
    Sorry you and Congressman Sannicolas was not voted in, My family and I moved to USA. It is sad that the People of Guam talks about Change, Fairness for all, because we’re supposedly for all the People. The Promised Ones are going to Vote for the same Leaders that have been in there since Antes Guantes. So glad that Malafunshun is in. Good Luck to You, Good Luck Guam.

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