What are our senators up to in their last session?

Kandit Will Cover the Last Session of The 36th Guam Legislature, at the Legislature

  1. The 36th Guam Legislature will be convening for the last time starting this Friday. You know what we owe to our viewers? Live and in-person coverage straight from the Guam Congress Building.

We want you to see your Legislature as it is — what happens when their cameras are rolling and the off-camera wheeling and dealing that happens as well.

The Legislature is the people’s branch. It is most representative of the voters; at least it should be. Without transparency and a watchful eye, all that simply is a theory.

The history of the Freedom of the Press is not always understood, not just on Guam and the CNMI, but nationally.

The Freedom of the Press all began when those who wrote it into the U.S. Constitution believed it was important for the press to watch over them. They were honest and created a system of protecting the press since they knew it was best for the people to have the press watch over their very own actions. No one forced them to do this.

This last session of the 36th Guam legislature will involve important decisions by our elected senators whose terms do not end until January. Their decisions, actions and inactions will affect the lives of the people. It is our obligation at Kandit to have our people know everything that happens at this last session of the 36th Guam legislature.

Our sincere gratitude to the people of Guam and the people of the CNMI.

With much respect and everlasting love,

Johnnie Rosario and Troy Torres

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