10 Guam and CNMI students get Core Tech scholarship

Ho Eun

For the first time since its inception a decade ago, the Core Tech Foundation has awarded cash scholarships to students in the CNMI. Ten students were awarded $5,000 scholarships, and two of them were from Saipan schools.

Core Tech Foundation co-founder Ho Eun decided to include CNMI student applications in the annual scholarships following a request by CNMI Sen. Celina Roberto Babauta of Saipan earlier this year.

Celina Roberto Babauta

”A mutual friend of ours informed me that you value education as part of the Road to Excellence on Guam. I see our economies growing more interconnected in the years ahead,” Ms. Babauta wrote in a March letter to Mr. Eun. “I ask that your foundation include students from the Commonwealth on that path to excellence. Please consider extending The Core Tech Foundation’s annual scholarship to our students.”

Mr. Eun replied to the senator: “Your kind thought will be recognized well. We will include the CNMI students as well.”

Mr. Eun and his wife, He Eun, established the scholarship a decade ago on Guam.

According to a news release from the foundation, 49 Guam students and 15 CNMI students applied for the scholarship. The recipients are:

Mr. Anherutowa Calvo,
George Washington High School

Mr. Min Jae Kim,
John F. Kennedy High School

Ms. Keala Cruz, Okkodo High School

Ms. Angel Velasco, Okkodo High School

Ms. Sophia Espaldon, Harvest Christian Academy

Ms. Maya Andres,
John F. Kennedy High School

Mr. Jeizer Panzo,
John F. Kennedy High School

Mr. Agham Elamparo, Simon Sanchez High School

Ms. Danahlei Rodriguez, Kagman School, Saipan

Mr. Elijah Garcia,
Saipan Southern High School, Saipan

“Student profiles will appear on the pages of the Guam Daily Post on Saturdays in July, along with posts on social media to help celebrate their successes and bid them good luck in their continuing education and efforts,” the foundation’s news release states. “Core Tech Foundation is committed to building solid foundations by investing in our future. The organization is dedicated to advancing the education of exceptionally promising students, especially those with financial needs. All recipients have strong records of achievement as shown by their grade point averages, leadership skills, awards, extraordinary service to others, perseverance in the face of adversity and great potential to help shape the future of our islands.”

The application period for next year’s scholarships are anticipated to open early next year.

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