Alex Castro gains global respect, places Guam on the map

Alex Castro made us proud. As he entered and left the ring in Bangkok, the first man to represent Guam in a bare knuckle fighting championship event, he reminded us all that we can do it. That we can compete. That, no matter where we come from or with what we struggle, we can win respect. We can fight and make our mark in this world.

The 42-year-old mixed martial arts veteran and local businessman (owner of Tha Shop in Hagatna) decided earlier this year to enter the BKFC arena Saturday, and within months made it onto a global stage in Thailand to face Scandinavian Gustaf Cerdermalm, who has been bare knuckle fighting for years. It was considered the fight of the night. And though Mr. Castro could not prevail in his first fight, he left the ring with the adoration and respect of the crowd, his opponent, and the world that was watching.

And this is just the beginning.

“It’s not over yet,” he wrote on his Facebook page, a seeming indication he will compete again. For Guam, whose flag he boasted proudly for the world to see. “Guam, I love you,” he wrote.

Bravo, Alex Castro. You. Are. The. Man.

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