Archdiocese gives guidance for Catholic schools

The following is a news release from the Archdiocese of Agana regarding how and when Catholic school students will learn under Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero’s latest directives:

Guam’s Catholic school administrators will make the necessary adjustments to switch to remote learning as they comply with Governor Lou Leon Guerrero’s Executive Order to suspend in-person learning at all schools.

Catholic school administrators and teachers will spend the next several days preparing to teach their students on a remote basis next week. Although the governor’s decision to suspend in- person learning is effective Monday, Aug. 30, actual on-line instructions will not begin on that exact day for Catholic students.

Each school will notify their respective parents and school communities what day remote learning will begin next week. The Archdiocese of Agaña’s Office of Communication will also issue announcements publicly.

In close communication with Archbishop Michael Byrnes, administrators of the 13 Archdiocese of Agaña schools met minutes after the governor met with leaders of all public and private school institutions Friday afternoon. They agreed it will be challenging but are working with one another and their faculties to make the adjustments.

Archbishop Byrnes trusts the school administrators to make the best decision for each of their schools.

“Our schools are incredibly resilient institutions, from the administrators, faculty and staff to the parents and students themselves,” the archbishop said. “This is a difficult thing but with tremendous heart and dedication, they will deal with this latest challenge as they have been doing during the entire pandemic.”

“Most of all, we turn to our Lord to help our schools, churches and the entire community be safe during these difficult times,” the archbishop said. “He wants us to help one another as well.”

Daycare and nurseries are exempted from the governor’s decision. However, the three Catholic school daycare/nurseries will announce their plans shortly.

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