Attao tells CNMI Senate that Nabors isn’t his boss

CNMI House Vice Speaker Blas Jonathan Attao, in a letter today to Senate president Jude Hofschneider:

Echoed Speaker Edmund Villagomez’s letter last week to Hofschneider that the Senate’s impeachment rules are a constitutional overstretch;

Schooled the Senate on the need to read and comprehend its own rules, informing Hofschneider that the committee to which the Senate rules refer to – the special committee Attao chaired – no longer exists;

Admonished the Senate that Sen. Karl King Nabors should not believe he dictates what any member of the House does;

Questioned the role and competency of attorney Joey McDoulett as a contracted lawyer for the Senate;

Called out the alleged corruption of the governor’s attorney, Viola Alepuyo, being allowed to assist in the drafting of the rules on the impeachment of her own client;

Referred to the Senate’s own rules in claiming that the appointment of Sen. Nabors as presiding hearing officer violates the rules;

Accused Sen. Nabors of impropriety; and

Repeated several officials’s concerns the Senate has repeatedly violated the Open Government Act.

Read Mr. Attao’s full letter below:

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