BARNETT: If the shoe fits, “That’s your problem.”

Thursday afternoon nine senators voted to override the governor’s veto of two bills that would have required her to open up her plans to build a $1 billion medical campus at Eagle’s Field. The vote fell one short of the 10 necessary to override the vetoes.

The six senators who prevented the override were Vice Speaker Tina Muna Barnes, and Senators Amanda Shelton, Dwayne San Nicolas, Joe San Agustin, Will Parkinson, and Roy Quinata.

Following the votes, Speaker Therese Terlaje opened the floor to general remarks from the senators. Sen. Chris Barnett did not hold back, and Ms. Muna Barnes tried to stop him from expressing his criticisms:

BARNETT: I didn’t hear a single valid argument for why we shouldn’t [override this veto].

I don’t come into work with my mind made up, and I don’t let anyone make up my mind for me!

Some of our colleagues only act with passion when it comes to attacking the other side. I just ask that we act with passion when it comes to doing the will of the people, and not the will of the governor.

It hurts my head that some members of this body know what they’re doing by voting against this override, but they’re doing it anyway. Because they made a commitment, not to the people of Guam, but to the governor of Guam

BARNES (interrupting): Madam Speaker, Point of personal privilege …

SPEAKER TERLAJE: State your point of personal privilege, Vice Speaker Barnes.

BARNES: You cannot assume we’re doing it for personal reasons or the governor.

BARNETT: I ask that I be allowed to continue speaking.

SPEAKER TERLAJE: Please continue, Senator Barnett.

BARNETT: If you feel attacked by these comments then that’s your problem.


  • Guam’s politics is at its best.

    It was a stunning victory for the Women Governor in Adelop!

    She’s is the Governor of the government of Guam and it’s employees; and why not?

    Every possible angle is in her favor:
    She is a democrat;
    The guam legislature is packed
    with democrats;
    Her party has the majority and
    she rules;
    and she has the power and
    control over anything and
    everything over the political
    destiny of this tiny little Island,
    as per the Organic Act of Guam.

    No one else has that power!

    Surely, the medical community will have to accept the outcome of the Guam Senator’s confirmation for the Women Governor of government of Guam and its employees to proceed with the Lease of Eagles field.

    Don’t worry folks—-everything is at its best for Guam!

    Hip hip hooray!

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