Barnett, in front of the governor, tells students not to trust her empty promises

This has not been a good week for Lou Leon Guerrero or the government of Guam. On Tuesday, scenes of waterfall through Guam Memorial Hospital alarmed Guamanians and triggered a bipartisan legislative response for the governor to be a better leader of the island’s only public hospital. Then last night – to the thunderous roar of hundreds at a legislative town hall meeting on Simon Sanchez High School rebuilding – Chris Barnett went on a three-minute tirade about the governor’s failure to make good on her promise to rebuild SSHS… as the governor herself stared him down two chairs away.

The freshman senator, who chairs the legislative education oversight committee, emphasized to the SSHS students that politicians since 2013 have been promising them and their predecessors that campus development would soon be underway. The SSHS campus has been shut down due to major safety and health issues. The students, assembled at the John F. Kennedy High School campus, are sharing the school through a double session program.

SSHS students punctuated every one of his sentences with riotous applause, shouting even louder each time the senator told students not to believe what the governor had just told them about the progress the administration is making toward the more-than-decade-old promise to rebuild the Yigo campus.

People in the crowd captured a confrontation between the governor and the senator following the town hall meeting, where the governor could be seen pointing her finger at Mr. Barnett’s face while she and the senator were exchanging words. The viral videos could not capture what was said, as they were filmed from far off.

The SSHS campus development saga has had several twists and turns since 2013, when educator Gretchen Andres and her students first made public waves about the conditions at the school. Several procurement attempts have faltered. Ms. Leon Guerrero recently has blamed the stalemate between her office and the attorney general for the present impasse in the development, which remains at the project management procurement stage.

You may watch Mr. Barnett’s speech here:

[The photo that is featured on this story is a screen shot taken from a photo that went viral this morning depicting the tense exchange between Chris Barnett and Lou Leon Guerrero following the town hall meeting]


  • Jesse A.B. Camacho

      05/02/2024 at 12:37 PM

    I applaud Senator Barnett for bringing issues to light, even before the Governor and Lieutenant Governor. However, we must allow the Governor and Lieutenant Governor to respond to what has been said. We all know that there are always two sides to every story, and being neutral until facts are founded must guide us in making our conclusions about issues that affect our island community. It is a serious sad state of affairs when it comes to our schools for our children. I hope and pray that there is a positive outcome for the sake of our children.

    • The fact Simon Sanchez is sharing facilities is indication that students are not prioritized, but same situation exist with hospital. All talks, no action. Anything the Govt gets its hands on turns to crap. These agencies should be privitized.

  • I have a family member who used to work at Simon Sanchez, already retired and always talked about the rebuilding of the school. Retired and nothing was done. I think it’s on point, it’s been only just talk for years. Thank you Chris!

  • I have a family member who worked at Simon Sanchez and always spoke about the rebuilding of the school. Retired now almost 4 years and still nothing happened. I believe it’s on point, thank you Chris.

  • Joaquin O Romolor.

      05/03/2024 at 8:20 AM

    How can you even function as a government if the (attorney general is the culprit) in blocking the governor planning of US federal grants capital improvement too much Mandagi Na Opponent. so this is conflict of interest on both side trying to establish their power of corruption as students are the real victims.

  • BIBA Sen. Barnett! We need a few more of his kind. Imagine if he becomes governor…. will things move or same old same old.

  • so, so shame full cris B… your such a SNAKE!!!!! you provoked everything that happened that day and still, people are cheering for you. what message are you sending to the children. shame shame shame. seems like your gonna run for governor, you’ll never make it Cris.
    you will not make it this election…. lol

  • Alan San Nicolas

      05/07/2024 at 4:20 PM

    Mungnga man lalalo yanggen ma menta I magahet. Ti man tangnga yan bachet I pupbliku. Chogue I dinanche, korihi I lenache, na guaha aksión ! Na Para pichipichi !!! AFAÑELOS GOF HASSO AN MATTO AYU NA ESPISAT NA HA’ANI.

  • Anonymous Simon Sanchez Student

      05/08/2024 at 11:31 PM

    Dayumm Lou and Josh are pissed as fuck after years and years of Simon Sanchez bullshit

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