Bella Wings Aviation launches drone school for kids

Kids on Guam are learning how to fly drones, thanks to Bella Wings Aviation, or BWA. BWA is broadening the horizons for the local community by partnering with Drone Legends CEO Scott Buell to launch the first cycle of the JR Drone Program. The idea is to reach and teach the youth how to fly drones.

The growing popularity in the aviation field and demand for new and innovative technology has drawn a tremendous crowd. When BWA announced the launch of the program, it was well received. With more than 200 applicants, 14 children were chosen to participate.

The students will learn how to maintain and operate drones and every week the group will have a mission. Additionally, BWA president Charlie Hermosa said, “We are adding Virtual Reality which is not part of regular drone program but we felt the kids need to experience it. So if we want to teleport say to Brazil, we can all travel there together.”

The VR aspect was a hit at the orientation, which was attended by about 13 students. When asked what the most exciting part about the orientation was, one student mentioned he would like to ‘teleport.’ Nudged for the children’s input and ideas about what drones could be used for, a bright young girl responded, “To deliver medicine to people.” That, actually, is one of BWA’s many services as a drone company.

BWA COO Pearla Cordero was visibly delighted to hear what the children had to say and shared her passion for flying as well. The team highlighted the importance of having fun and above all, to be safe while doing it.

If you’d like to learn more about BWA and the array of services they have to offer or if you’d like to partake in their next exciting adventure, visit

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