BLADE – June 24th

Hafa Adai from our GAIN “Pets of the Week”. If you are interested in fostering or adopting any of the posted animals please call the shelter and schedule an appointment to see these gorgeous animals in person. You won’t be disappointed!!! (fostering is only available for the adult dogs and adult cats)

Guam Animals in Need

(671) 653-4246 / (671) 797-1004

BLADE: (tan adult dog) Say hi to Blade, a sweet guy with the most contagious smile. This pup loves doing zoomies around the yard, nuzzling people for scratches and playing with all the toys he can get his mouth on. He gets nervous when meeting new people, but slowly warms up with the help of patience and treats! Blade has been here at the shelter for a little over 300+ days patiently waiting for that special family to adopt him. Blade will make any family happy with his affectionate smile and personality.

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