Boys were bound, beaten, and starved by dad and stepmom, according to AG

The following is a Declaration of Probable Cause prosecutor Courtney Leigh Shalice made to the Superior Court of Guam that describes allegations the Office of the Attorney General of Guam is making against David Michael Martinez Quinata, 37, and his girlfriend, Sherrie Antoinette Taijeron Nauta, 29:

COMES NOW, Courtney Leigh Shalice, a duly appointed Assistant Attorney General, and aver, upon information and belief that the foregoing is true. I have reviewed Guam Police Department Report Number 2021-19562 and after reading the reports, hereby state as follows:

On or about August 14, 2021, at approximately 8 AM, Robert Baker, Jr. (“Witness 1”) and Rowena Castro (“Witness 2”) observed a minor, later identified as D.M.M.Q. [DOB: 9/29/2007] (“Victim 1”) standing on Wusstig Road and Chalan Eskuela. The witnesses observed that Victim 1 was barefoot and was only wearing what appeared to be makeshift underwear. The witnesses further observed that Victim l had rope on his wrist and injuries on his wrists and ankles. As the witnesses were speaking to Victim 1, a blue Rav4 pulled up driven by an unknown male individual. The unknown male individual shouted at Victim, “YOU’RE GOING TO RUN FROM ME FUCKER,” and then yelled at the witnesses, “LEAVE HIM ALONE! I’M TRYING TO TEACH HIM A LESSON.” Victim 1 started to cry and stated, “DAD! I’M SORRY DAD.” The unknown male pulled Victim 1 into his car and drove off. The witnesses then called police.

GPD investigated the incident and identified the unknown male as DAVID MICHAEL MARTINEZ QUINATA (“Defendant 1”). Officers went to his residence and met with Defendant 1’s girlfriend, SHERRIE ANTIONETTE TAIJERON NAUTA (“Defendant 2”). Defendant 2 told officers that Defendant 1 and Victim 1 were not home, that Victim 1 ran away from home early that morning, and that Defendant 1 went to pick him up. Officers requested Defendant 1 and Victim 1 come to the precinct for a wellness check and Defendant 1 agreed.

Shortly thereafter, officers met with Defendant 1 and Victim 1. Defendant 1 told officers that Defendant 2 had woken him up because Victim 1 ran away, and that Defendant 1 left to go find and pick up Victim 1. Officers observed that Victim 1 had a black eye and injuries to both his wrists and ankles. Victim 1 told officers that Defendant 1 is his father and Defendant 2 is his step-mother, that he ran away from home because he was mad at himself, that he got the injuries to his ankle when he was playing a game with his brother, that he would tie a rope on his ankle which caused the injury, that he was the one who would tie his wrists with rope because he was playing a game, that he was playing basketball and fell down on the road causing the scars on his wrist, and that he sustained the blackeye when he fell off the couch when he was sleeping.

Officers also spoke with another minor, D.M.M.Q. [DOB: 10/16/2004] (“Victim 2”). Victim 2 stated in sum and substance that he is the brother of Victim 1, that Defendant 1 is his father, and Defendant 2 is his step-mother. Victim 2 further told officers that Defendant 1 bound Victim 2 with a black and orange rope from August 5, 2021 to August 8, 2021 while Defendant 2 watched and during that time, Victim 2 was not allowed any food or water or use the bathroom. Victim 2 reported that the only reason Defendant 1 and Defendant 2 released him on August 8, 2021 was because his blood circulation and breathing were being cut off as the rope was bound around his chest. Victim 2 reported that his legs were not right and it was hard for him to lift his legs up. Victim 2 also reported that on August 13, 2021, Defendant 2 made Victim 2 kneel and then punched Victim 2 in the eye. Defendant 2 then pushed Victim 2 eyes in and repeatedly kicked Victim 2 in the wrists and ankles. Victim 2 further reported to the officers that when they had arrived at their residence earlier that day, Defendant 2 told Victim 2 to not move and to stay on the living room floor. Victim 2 disclosed that he had been tied up multiple times in the past several years and that Defendant 1 and Defendant 2 would fasten the rope so tight that he and Victim 1 could not feel their arms and legs.

Officers then re-interviewed Victim l, Victim 1 told officers that Defendant 2 tied up him up on August 5, 2021 to August 8, 2021, and that Defendant 1 tied up Victim 2. Victim 1 reported that Defendant 2 tied him up because Victim 1 was touching the “good food” in the refrigerator, stating “PUT IT BACK! YOU AND YOUR BROTHER GOT TO FIND YOUR OWN FOOD! I’M NOT GOING TO FEED YOU GUYS!” Victim 1 also reported that Defendant 2’s children and relatives witnessed Victim 1 and Victim 2 tied up over the several days, but did not help.

GFD Medic arrived at the precinct to care for Victim 2’s injuries. Medics attempted to remove the gauze from Victim 2’s injuries, but gauze was stuck to Victim 2’s flesh. After several attempts, Victim 2 asked to remove the gauze himself. As Victim 2 was able to remove some of the gauze, Victim 2 exposed the flesh and bacteria build-up and a strong odor emanated from the wound. Officers and medics observed Victim 2 had two lacerations to his right wrist and forearm, older lacerations to the left wrist and forearm, lacerations to his left and right calves that were deep enough to place an extension cable inside, and bruising to his left eye.

CPS was called and later took custody of Victim 1 and Victim 2. The above-mentioned rope was recovered from the residence. CSI responded and took photos of the victims’ injuries and the residence.

Officers then interviewed Defendant 2. Defendant 2 stated in sum and substance that Victim 1 and Victim 2 tie each other up and that’s how they got their injuries, that she and Defendant 1 tell the victims to stop hurting themselves but they don’t listen, and that she does not know why the kids are saying that she and Defendant 1 are hurting them, and that they only take good care of their children. Defendant 2 then stated that it was Defendant 1 who tied the victims up when they don’t listen, that she only witnessed Defendant 1 tie the victims up with a rope, that about a week ago, Defendant 2 saw Defendant 1 tie the victims’ hands and legs with a rope to a safety gate, and that the victims were tied up for about a week.

Based on the foregoing, there is probable cause to charge DAVID MICHAEL MARTINEZ QUINATA with:

1. Two Counts of CHILD ABUSE (as a 3rd Degree Felony) in violation of 9 GCA §§31.30(3)(2)(8) and (b): and,
2. Two Counts of FELONIOUS RESTRAINT (as a 3″i Degree Felony) in violation of 9 GCA §22.30(a).

Based on the foregoing, there is probable cause to charge SHERRIE ANTIONETTE TAIJFRON NAUTA with:

3. Two Counts of CHILD ABUSE (as a 3rd Degree Felony) in violation of 9 GCA §§31.30(a)(2)(8) and(b);
4. Two Counts of FELONIOUS RESTRAINT (as a 3rd Degree Felony)in violation of 9 GCA §22.30(a); and,

5. One Count of ASSAULT (as a Misdemeanor)in violation of title 9 GCA §§ 19.30(a)(1) and (e).

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