BREAKING NEWS: CNMI BMV chief indicted in federal court

Juana Cabrera Leon Guerrero, the division chief for the CNMI Bureau of Motor Vehicles, was indicted Thursday by a federal Grand Jury. The indictment follows a multi-year corruption investigation into the BMV, and several other indictments dealing with illegal identification cards to foreign nationals.

This is a developing story.

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  • I feel bad for Juana. She was always kind to me and i never had a problem with my license or paperwork. So this news is something of a shock. I wish her well.

  • Mabel Doge Luhan

      03/17/2023 at 12:49 PM

    I had fallen asleep in my favorite chair, knitting a hat and listening to MC Ride, when this BREAKING NEWS awoke me! Kandit scooped not only the “professional journalists” at the Tribune and Variety, but even my dear butler, who now claims he can’t check PACER for me on account of his club foot!

    If the CNMI government’s main function is to provide salaries, then it shouldn’t be surprising that some regulations are designed primarily to create the potential for bonus pay. Hassling driver’s license applicants for their immigration status is a prime example. The beneficiaries always think it will be the next group, not they, who will get the feds coming down on them. (Remember some ten years ago when the Zoning Office boys were being tailed by the FBI and it scared them out of bribe shakedowns, at least for a few months?)

    Can someone who is not a mentally ill voodoo priest from Wisconsin explain to this old biddie why immigration status is related to driving? 20% of our population is ineligible for driver’s licenses. They can’t go to work (without a taxi), and they certainly can’t buy car insurance if they do choose to drive. What exactly are we accomplishing? Why not let them get insurance, let them go to work, and deprive the next BMV chief of the opportunity for bribes?

    It reminds me of when I toasted Al Capone in a Wicker Park speakeasy and warned him, “Booze is illegal!” and he shot back (not literally!), “And may it always be!”

  • Jack C Muna

      03/17/2023 at 2:41 PM

    What happens to our local newspaper media that doesn’t cover the breaking news in the CNMI?
    It is a shame that our local media is shying away from news that is important to our people in the CNMI. We are so blessed that we have KANDIT NEWS GROUP to inform us of what is happening in this small piece of rock. Keep up the good work, KANDIT NEWSGROUP!

    • Jack C, there’s a simple explanation for the local media constantly dropping the ball: they don’t care.

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