BREAKING NEWS: Villanueva arrested

Shayne Villanueva was arrested this morning and faces a charge of contempt. A warrant of arrest reportedly was issued a week after Mr. Villanueva refused to answer questions by the CNMI House anti-corruption committee.

Mr. Villanueva reportedly left to the Philippines before the warrant could be executed, but agreed to self surrender upon his return to the Commonwealth, which was this morning.

The Office of the Attorney General is rumored to be seeking warrants of arrest for three others related to contempt findings.

This is a developing story.


  • These gangsters will easily make bond…they have the mula and he’s probably out walking the street by now.

  • Why are you guys making fun of him? He is a genius. The Government came up with a very creative approach to boost (BOOST) private sector development. Sir Shayme and other professionals help implement the creative proposal. There is nobody incomptent in the whole team. It is a pity they are no longer in power otherwise CNMI could become the Singapore of Micronesia.

  • Loyal to your own soil

      04/07/2024 at 2:18 PM

    so sad for our island … hope justice will be served to everyone involved. We all saw here the favorism of their close groups. Instead of money going to farmers and workers. They only gave their brand clothings thousands smh! I’m sure crowns guam involved in everything to I hope they get them. Everyone knows the owner is a big drugs smuggler for guam. Shane Rob and Randy all on it.

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