Buy an umbrella to help care for rescue animals

A non-profit organization, Guahan Paws for Pets, has started an online fundraiser to help cover the veterinary costs and supplies for rescue animals.  People have the choice of buying a 42” Totes Auto Open Folding Umbrella for $30 or donating to the cause.

Donors so far have given $570 and purchased 28 of the 50 items available to meet the organization’s goal.  You may contribute to this campaign by clicking the following link:

Here are comments from some donors:

“Thanks to Guahan Paws for Pets for your dedication to helping the stray animals of Guam.” -Mona Rich

“For all the poor dogs and cats on the streets!  Hope they can find the loving homes they deserve!” -Carla Cherry

“For the Love of the strays of Guam and for the tireless efforts of those that help them.” -Sarah Gay

“An amazing group of dedicated volunteers, rescuing and saving abandon pets.” -Frank Sangermano

“To help support those who are working hard for this cause.” -Monica Salas

“Animals need to be taken care of.  They need a voice to be heard.” -Wilhelmina S. Hill

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