Caleb needs charity to crush cancer

A little Guamanian boy, Caleb Diaz, recently was diagnosed with cancer. His parents – Crystal and Kendall – rushed him off island after several hospital visits locally. It was in California, where they got the devastating news. Caleb has cancer.

Caleb, according to his Mandikiki football coach Lance Taitano, is a strong-hearted, active boy with a will to live.

His aunt, Heather Leon Guerrero, started a GoFundMe page to raise money for Caleb’s needs. Click here to view the page and to donate. Ms. Leon Guerrero wrote:

“In a matter of just 48 hours, my cousin, Crystal, and her husband, Kendall, packed up their lives and headed to the states to seek answers and help for Caleb, after several unsuccessful hospital visits here on Guam.

“When they reached San Diego, the bad news kept coming. What was thought to be ear pains and bad headaches was actually a result of masses in Caleb’s body, and it was spreading. Caleb was diagnosed with stage four embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma cancer and requires long-term treatment of chemotherapy and radiation.

“Crystal and Kendall are adjusting to their new life situation, but remain hopeful in God’s plan for Caleb. Our family is organizing this GoFundMe page to provide whatever financial support we can during this trying time.

“Any assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated

“Crystal shared, ‘He is destined to be used in a way we did not imagine or intend, but God’s plans will always be greater.’

“Please continue to pray for Caleb❤️


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