Candidates call foul on Rowina Ogo’s campaign conduct

Rowina Ogo committed crimes, according to a statement by Precinct 2 House candidates Rep. John Paul Sablan and Manny Tenorio Castro. The independent candidates issued the statement in response to viral videos showing Ms. Ogo and others with her removing a Sablan-Castro campaign banner from a home.

The videos appear to show Ms. Ogo taking the banner from the home, and feature her discussing the removal and taking of the campaign paraphernalia. She discusses her allegiance to the opposition gubernatorial team of Gov. Ralph Torres (her former brother in law) and Sen. Vinnie Sablan, Saipan mayoral candidate Rep. Leepan Guerrero, and republican candidates in general. The Sablan-Castro team is aligned with Torres’s opponent and current lieutenant governor, Arnold Palacios.

Here is a partial transcript of the conversation Ms. Ogo has with the woman taking the video of her, who also is a passenger in the vehicle Ms. Ogo uses to leave the home (apparently with) the campaign banner:

OGO: Mission accomplished. Plus one.

OGO: So, what I do when I take out these banners is, I don’t leave it, because I wanna take it to make sure that they don’t put it back up when I’m gone. 

PASSENGER: Hey, Ro, so you took their banner, haha. 

OGO: Hahahahaha.

PASSENGER: Why? How did that happen?

OGO: Well, you see, this is why house to house is so important. And when you get that phone call from someone specific and people call you and say, ‘Ro, come over,’ and this person was especially from another side, the other party, you better get your ass up there. So, I was like, ‘I’m coming.’ When I came and I saw how many, I said, ‘Oh my God, that’s a lot.’ So, they told me, they’re gonna switch. They switched! And, um, I said, ‘Okay, you gotta get that stuff down, that banner, so I took it down myself, and Legacy’s banner is gonna be up there next. So, that’s what we did! We switched. So, when I get those phone calls, I don’t wait. I don’t run either, I race with my car to that specific house. Biba Republican Legacy 5x for Torres-Sablan, LeePan, and Republican Party!

PASSENGER: Right on.


The following is the Sablan-Castro statement:

We are aware of a series of videos going viral. The videos clearly show an individual and a few accomplices taking down our Sablan-Castro banners at a residence in Chalan Kanoa. After communicating with the family at that residence, they confirmed that no one authorized the individual to take down the banners. Not only did she remove the banners from the property, she unlawfully took it with her, in an attempt to deprive it from us.

She basically published both the evidence and testimony of her crime. This act of foolishness does not represent our culture and values as community.

For Now, given the significance of this week, we have chosen to take the high road on this incident, and will discuss at our next committee meeting.

-Joint statement by Rep. John Paul Palacios Sablan and Manny Gregory Tenorio Castro

Independent Precinct 2 candidates for CNMI House of Representatives


  • Albert Sablan Palacios

      04/19/2022 at 3:38 PM

    Rowina, that is as low as you can get!! makes me wonder what Vince would say?! instead of doing good you’re making it worst than is already is!!! Will still pray for you guys!!

  • TaoTaoMona

      04/20/2022 at 8:38 PM

    I wonder if there is any shame in the parties involved, or have they thought about the humiliation, guilt and embarrassment they are bringing to their families, to include their innocent school-age children. The unjust actions and self conducts displayed by Ms. Ogo and her accomplices indicates a profound want and a great need for attention.

    ****It is important for the public to be reminded that the destruction and vandalism of private properties of any types are in clear violation of published laws and regulations as established by the Government of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.****

    Furthermore, Ms. Ogo and her co-conspirators show such deep pleasure and satisfaction by recording themselves committing criminal acts and publishing their actions on social media. These blatant disrespect and wanton disregard to the rule of law, is an indicator of individuals with behaviors that are willing to take their actions further without contemplating the dire consequences that may follow afterwards.

    Property owners, need not worry about providing evidence to the court of law because Ms. Ogo and her accomplices have willingly and unassumingly entertained that portion of the argument.

    Now, the BIG question for Ms. Ogo and her co-conspirators is, what sort of saucy satisfaction has your shameless CRIMINAL ACTS has brought you, other than a prosecution, pending lawsuit and probably jail time. Maybe it is time for you to start contemplating about looking for a good trial defense attorney.

    REMEMBER THIS: What goes around, comes around..Every action has a reaction

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