CEC refuses to answer questions about election protocols to guard against cheating

The legal counsel for the Commonwealth Election Commission, Lillian Tenorio, would not allow Kandit to ask commissioners and commission staff about CEC’s protocols to guard against cheating in the general election Tuesday.

Kandit went to the Multipurpose Center Monday afternoon to ask the CEC:

  1. How many ballots were printed, and from what vendor?
  2. Is the tabulator calibrated to recognize only this type of paper that the ballots are printed on?
  3. What is the process of separating ballots cast from spoiled ballots and unused ballots, and how will the commission account for every single one post-election? Is this a process the public can view to assure the integrity of the election process?
  4. What happens if, like last gubernatorial election, the tabulator begins to reject large numbers of ballots during the count? Who inspects this process to ensure no cheating is happening?
  5. How are the ballots from early voting, absentee voting, and drive thru voting secured? What is the process? How are those ballots handled from casting to counting?
  6. Who guards those ballots?
  7. Are poll watchers or otherwise independent watchdogs allowed to observe the handling of the ballots from precincts to the tabulators?
  8. What happens if, like the 2018 election, there are more ballots cast in some precincts than there are registered voters?
  9. What has the CEC done to fix the errors of the 2018 election?

Kandit went to the Multipurpose Center today, when Ms. Tenorio approached to ask our business there. When informed we wanted to ask the CEC questions about the process to guard against cheating, she asked who we were and where we were from. When told we were with Kandit, she denied us entry to the building and access to the CEC.

If the CEC has confidence in its ability to conduct free and fair elections, unlike the 2018 process, then why refuse to answer these questions for the assurance of every voter of the Commonwealth?

Lillian Tenorio, pictured at right


  • Im Korean too

      11/19/2022 at 10:47 AM

    They’re all gnna get fired. including the korean lady who is supposed to be the only one that can actually count in the correct order.

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