Cenzon throws the book at suspected serial predator, convicted child molester

Judge Maria Cenzon agreed with Attorney General Douglas Moylan and sentenced convicted child molester Darrell Lujan to 20 years in prison.

In early 2022, Mr. Lujan – a teacher at the time – admitted to police he was accused of fondling 13 other boys in recent years, according to the original charging document that led to his conviction this year of molesting a then-15-year-old male student.

The June 10, 2022 magistrates report says that one day during school year 2021-2022, Mr. Lujan took the boy to get food for the boy and his family.

“After they ate, the victim and Lujan were in Lujan’s vehicle by themselves. Lujan steered the conversation to the subject of the victim’s penis and repeatedly asked him to pull his pants down. The victim felt ‘uncomfortable and

scared,’ ‘in shock,’ and ‘didn’t know what to say.’ The victim eventually exposed his penis in an

attempt to end the conversation and go back home. As he attempted to exit, Lujan leaned forward, hugged the victim, and ‘played’ with the victim’s penis. Lujan eventually pulled his hand out of the victim’s pants and said ‘good night.’”

The charging document described Mr. Lujan’s increasing victimization of the boy:

“After the above incident, the victim received many messages from Lujan persistently requesting photos of the victim’s penis. The victim reported Lujan became ‘more aggressive’ and yelled more often, and he eventually complied with Lujan’s request in the hopes that Lujan would stop bothering him.”

Mr. Lujan was convicted on October 31, 2023.

“Judge Cenzon recognized at [Friday’s] sentencing that a sentence lesser than 20 years would depreciate the seriousness of Mr. Lujan’s crime, as he abused the trust of his male student and the student’s family,” Mr. Moylan said in a news release.

The attorney general applauded the boy and his family, as well as Ms. Cenzon and the prosecutor and investigation team in his office.

“The People of Guam thanks the male victim for having the bravery and courage to speak out against the harm inflicted upon him,” he said. “We also thank him for protecting other children from becoming this pedophile’s next victim. This crime victim’s family supported this crime victim during these difficult proceedings, which often prevent minors from testifying out of fear of the pedophile. Guam’s schools are safer because this brave teenager spoke out.”


  • This is a meaningful sentence, unlike what the AG in the NMI push for and the Judges impose along with “all suspended”, especially involving the career criminals and repeat offender’s

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