Checks issued for tax refunds filed through February 7, 2022

Filed your tax return on or before February 7, 2022? You may be receiving a tax refund soon, according to a news release from the Office of the Governor of Guam. The following is a news release from the governor’s office:

On March 17, 2022, the Department of Revenue & Taxation processed 2,880 Tax Year 2021 and prior income tax refunds, which the Department of Administration has since mailed checks or paid by direct deposit. Total income tax refunds paid is approximately $8,837,653. These represent payment of 2,880 error-free returns filed on or before February 7, 2022.

“It is clear that our Administration has transformed the state of our government’s finances. Not only have we nearly eliminated an $83 million deficit, but we’ve also set a parallel goal for the expeditious processing and payment of tax refunds,” said Governor Lou Leon Guerrero. “Fiscal discipline is the hallmark of this Administration and has been the defining path which has led to the overall improvement of the quality of life for all our people.”

“Ongoing efforts to help our people meet the cost of living, including the opening of Prugråman Salåppe’ and lobbying Congress, are ways we are actively working to deliver relief and drive our recovery,” said Lt. Governor Josh Tenorio. “Our prioritization of healthy finances and robust efficiency will continue to pave the way forward for Guam’s progress.”

For more information, contact the DRT Call Center at 635-1840/1841/7614/7651/1813. Due to high call volumes, DRT recommends utilizing the ‘Contact Us’ section on or email [email protected].

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