CNMI senator and GHURA assist in housing solution for homeless NMD on Guam

A homeless man on Guam soon will have a safe place to rest his head after CNMI Sen. Celina Roberto Babauta worked with the Guam Housing and Urban Renewal Authority to clear the way for his housing benefits.

The man, who is of Northern Marianas descent (NMD), has been homeless on Guam and ran into a snag, when he applied for public housing at GHURA. According to letters between GHURA and Ms. Babauta, the housing agency had been trying unsuccessfully to reach Commonwealth government offices to verify property tax information GHURA needed in order to get the homeless man into the housing program.

Ms. Babauta, who was contacted by a Guam resident to assist in the matter, provided the information GHURA needed, and the agency began processing the soon-to-be-housed man’s application.

“Your willingness to take the time to write the letter demonstrates your commitment to serving the needs of all members of our Marianas Island community, especially the most vulnerable,” GHURA acting director Michelle Perez wrote to Ms. Babauta. “Your efforts have made a significant difference in this individual’s life and have given him hope for a better future.”

One homeless person up. Several more to go. Imagine that, though. A senator from the CNMI helped to resolve a homelessness problem on Guam. #onemarianas


  • BTW, in regards to the homeless, incase the people in power are not aware, if there are any military Vets that are found to be homeless, there is funds available to correct the Vet homeless situation. Contact the Local VA or goin on line and inquire.

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