Congratulations Alex and Rowena Thomas, on your renewal of vows

This lovely look into Alex and Rowena Thomas’ second wedding is a glimpse into a rags to riches story filled with gratitude for their blessings in life.

And that’s because three decades ago, this couple struggled with poverty, but Guam gave them hope. Alex was a janitor, who worked hard with Rowena to build the company we know today as Guam Cleaning Masters.

They welcomed me into their home a few months ago. Beautiful place. Beautiful family; meek and humble. They cooked us food and served us. We talked about God and our faith, the news business, and how the journey they took brought them so many blessings.

“We would not be where we’re at without the people of Guam,” Mr. Thomas told me. “I just wanted to share that happiness.”

And we talked about their second wedding, or renewal of vows, (coming up) in October 2023, and they lit up. They didn’t get to have the big celebration when they first were married. Alex wasn’t able back then to give his wife the wedding they dreamed of. Now, after all these years of hard work that has brought opportunity to hundreds of Guamanians and a higher standard of living for many, they were able to have this dream wedding in the Philippines, where Rowena originally is from.

One of their friends made this video and it was shared with me. And I thought, ‘this is too happy a story of love and gratitude to keep to myself.’

Despite the catastrophe life can be sometimes, there is hope with prayer and hard work. And for those who have succeeded at that and remained grounded and humbled by their blessings, there is gratitude.

And also, they have really nice cars and the sweetest Rottweiler.

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