Cops nab men who allegedly stole ambulance

Jeff Meitawan allegedly stole the red ambulance August 27, and Davidson Yoichi allegedly helped him to dump it later that day. This is according to a news release from the Guam Police Department tonight.

The release provides no possible motive for the crimes.

Mr. Meitawan was arrested for theft of a motor vehicle, criminal mischief, destruction of evidence, obstruction of government functions, and crimes against the community.

According to Guam Department of Corrections records, he is not yet in the custody of the DOC and still is with police. According to the police release, Mr. Meitawan has “refused to provide a statement regarding his involvement with the stolen ambulance.” The news release contradicts DOC records and states he has been booked and confined to the custody of the DOC.

Mr. Yoichi was booked and confined at the DOC, arrested for theft by receiving, criminal mischief, and destruction of evidence.

According to the police release, police Tuesday located Mr. Yoichi at a Chalan Korda residence. He allegedly admitted that Mr. Meitawan store the ambulance from Mangilao – where medics were responding to a person in need – and drove the ambulance to the Chalan Kotda home.

Mr. Davidson, according to the release, admitted to police that he helped Mr. Meitawan get rid of the ambulance by driving it to Chalan Fusinios. He also allegedly admitted to using a permanent marker to write his “tag name” across the ambulance.

A witness from the Chalan Kotda home told police he saw his nephews – Meitawan and Yoichi – occupying the ambulance from that location.


  • DEPORT with NO return to Guam!!!
    Doing this and being strict about it will serve to deter future incidents.
    Especially this incident in which the Ambulance made all the difference between Life and Death…

  • Alan San Nicolas

      09/07/2023 at 6:11 AM

    An en sida na magahet, kastiga pues dulalak tatté para I tano niha !!! Putin chenot I tattamudu yan chatpago.

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