Coronavirus outbreak in the Guam prison

The deputy director of the Guam Department of Corrections, Bob Camacho, has confirmed a coronavirus outbreak in the prison, with 16 detainees and two inmates being treated for the disease.

Mr. Camacho has yet to answer follow up questions regarding the spread of the virus in the Hagatna and Mangilao facilities, the severity of the disease among the infected, and the near-future disposition of the infected detainees.

Kandit awaits his response to the following questions:

1. Are any of them critically ill?

2. Where are they being cared for?

3. What protocols are in place to prevent further spread?

4. Do any of them have underlying health conditions?

5. Are any of the positive detainees scheduled for release soon? If so, will they be going to the ISOFAC so as not to infect anyone else?

6. Is this breakout in Hagåtña only? Or also in the main facility?

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